Update of Root File System

What’s u-boot command for updating root file system?
The command “run update_rootfs” returns “## Error: “update_rootfs” not defined” .
Thank you.

The short answer to this is use run setupdate first.

The long answer: The update commands are part of our update scripts which we deliver with each release. In order to have the flexibility to change the exact commands in the feature, we don’t include the commands in U-Boot directly. The command run setupdate loads the update script with all the update commands from the SD-card and makes them available to the user.

I did issue “run setupdate” first. then I was able to get “update_uboot” and “update_kernel” commands executed, but not the “update_rootfs” command.

Sorry for not making it clear that “run update_rootfs” command returns “## Error: “update_rootfs” not defined” after “run setupdate” command has been executed.

This answer posted above does not solve the issue. Please help. Thank you.


There is no command run update_rootfs on any of the i.MX 6 based modules.

The use case to only update the rootfs while keeping the currently installed kernel and U-Boot was considered not really useful and one would update the whole module if one needs to reflash the rootfs.

Thus you can do a run setupdate followed by a run update.

If one really wants to update the rootfs alone one can use ‘run update_3’.


As can be seen from the actual U-Boot update script sources doing a run setupdate; run update_3 should achieve this as long as your partitioning is still kosher.