Update Linux or U-Boot independently

I got the very same error while booting the M4 core described in this article: U-Boot crash on bootaux hello_world.elf - Toradex Community

Therefore I want to update the Linux on a 3.0.4 install or downgrade the U-Boot to 3.0.4 for a custom 5.0 Linux made through Yocto Project.

Greetings @Ilan_Figueiredo!

We highly recommend you to use the Toradex Easy Installer to re-flash your module. That’s what we’re supporting and you should already have a Toradex Easy Installer-ready image if you built an image using Yocto. In the same way, the Toradex Easy Installer makes it easier to fetch our reference images - including BSP 3.0.4 - directly from our servers.

If you absolutely need to upgrade your system components separately, take a look at how our legacy flashing method worked, which is described in this article. We relied upon a custom script and some U-Boot functions. Although we do not support this method anymore, you’re free to check how this works and perhaps adapt and change it to your needs.

I downloaded and compiled the U-Boot for 3.0.4 and changed the “u-boot-nand.imx” file in my custom toradex image, created using Yocto Project.
It now boots both Linux 5.1 and the M4 auxiliary core with no issues.


Glad that this works!

While we’re at it, I want to inform you that we’re aware and are investigating the U-Boot bootaux crash issue.