Update image on Colibri T20 , there is someone to help me?

Hello everyone,
i’m newbie to use SOM, and I have a lot of trouble starting
attualmento I am working with
Ver: 1.2 (CE 7.0)

my goal for now is to create a simple demo graphics on a display 1280 x 480 pixels

as a first step
I’ve tried to change the resolution of my LCD, to adapt it to the correct resolution, an improvement has occurred but is not yet been correctly set
The upper area has a noise zone and the lower area is cut, just as it is slightly cut on the right side, despite the settings of the resolution, 1280 x 480, are correct

Furthermore the parameters That I find myself in regedit located at: [HKLM \ Software \ NVIDIA Corporation \ NVDDI] does not Correspond to the list of web page

probably due to the fact that I have an old version of the image
so I decided to update it
Ho downloaded from the files BSP website, OS IMAGE and Workspace.
And now ? how should I proceed ?
I ask if there is someone willing to help me step by step

Thanks in advance

I would first recommend you to upgrade the image to the latest image (currently v1.4). Therefore you need to downlaod the Image which you get from here. Unzip the file and copy the files on a USB Pen drive. Insert the drive to your device. Now you can navigate to the location you stored the files on the drive and run “update.exe”. Now follow the steps as described in the Readme.txt file which is part of the archive.

Now as you have the latest image, I recommend you the Colibri Tewak to set the screen resolution. You find more details on that on this page: http://developer.toradex.com/knowledge-base/colibri-tweak. You can do all the settings and save them at the end. Reboot your device and you should see an updated screen resolution.