Update from WCE7 1.4 to 2.0 missing functionality


I have updated our current image version to WEC7 2.0 from 1.4. Both bootloader and image is updated. The registry is also cleared.

There are some differences that makes our install and application not working.

1: pregedit changed to regedit. Thats ok i guess. I just have to change some commands in out install script.
2: No HKEY_CURRENT_USER in registry. (See image). We use that part for some application specific information!!!
[alt text]


3: No keyboard input work. Keyboard on USB doesn’t work. Event thorugh the remote tool no key entry work. When I go to “Run” with remote tool, no keystroke are entered into the text field!!! USB mouse do work.

4: No SIP in task bar and no SIP pop-up



Did you update using new CFG files? http://developer.toradex.com/knowledge-base/update-tool#When_to_flash_using_CFG_file_Tegra_Only

You need to update bootloader and image at the same time.

No sorry, this is not supported


Thanks, Using the CFG file did help.

But im planning doing the upgrade in the field.
Using the CFG the Flashdisk is completly erased!!

Is it possible todo the v1.4 to v2.0 upgrade not touching the files on the Flashdisk or is that not possible due to changes in the persistent registry layout??


Depending on your use case it might be possible to back-up the flash content to an external storage, do the update and then copy the data back?

Yes, that will also be the plan.
We have do make out own software tool doing because the COPY command in WEC7 dont support folder, sub-folders and files.
So we have to make some sort of XCOPY.exe doing the jump