Update.exe tool for VF61 WinCE6

On my current WinCE6 Image on VF61 the update.exe tool is missing.

Also the update.exe tool that was included in the new Image V1.3 beta4 is not working.
After starting this included update application there is an error message: Init UpdateLib failed.

Can some one send me a working update.exe file for VF61 - WinCE6 Image to upgrade to V1.3 beta 4.



on the current runing WinCE6 Image there is no update.exe file under the Windows Folder located.
Can not found it on the hole file system. Maybe some one has deleted it or has used a Special Image.
I use the VF61 for some development tests and I’m not the first developer that uses this VF61…

So I tried to use the update.exe that is included in the download ZIP-file from V1.3 beta4
but this brings this error message : “Init UpdateLib faild.” just afer starting it.

Hi @tw72,
You can use the update procedure specified here:

Please also let us know which version you currently have running on your device so we can check the problem with the update tool. Also tell us the module version (on the bar code sticker) you are using.

You are probably using version that does not yet support update tool. You can look at Romans answer for information on how to update.

I have updated the VF61 with the latest WEC2013 Image V1.3 beta4 according the description of Roman. Now all is ok. The update tool is included in this Image and is working fine.