Upd_Restore in Ce Libraries 1.9.3609 not working for bootloader

Colibri iMX6, custom WEC2013 based on Toradex BSP 1.1.
Toradex Ce Libraries 1.9.3609 in ARMV7 debug mode.
I use your demo code from UpdateLib_Demo.c only the bootloader file path is modified. Upd_Restore returns 0 (= failure) inside updateIMXBootloader(). Using the same code and same eboot.imx but linking the *.lib from 1.8.3509 the bootloader can be flashed.

nk.bin can be flashed with 1.9.3609, but in my console application after Upd_Deinit I get an Access violation exception in msvcr110d.dll.

The bootloader is stored inside the boot partition of the eMMC that is used as flash storage on the module.

It can’t be accessed while you access also the user partition where the filesystem is stored and concurrent access may be an issue.

This is the reason why the latest release of our libs prevents you from updating bootloader and configblock from files that are on \FlashDisk or its subfolders.
You can simply copy eboot file to \ or \temp (internal memory) or any removable media and update will work.
The issue is documented in our BSP roadmap:

Windows Embedded Compact - iMX6 BSP Release

but it impacts, of course, also the libraries.