Upate Tool v6.0.2 failes when using custom splash screen

I tried to use the new Update Tool v6.0.2. When I use it with my custom made splashscreen, the target doesn.t boot up anymore.

I did the following tests:

  1. Load a brand new Image to the Target, make a backup and update with this backup → works
  2. Load a brand new Image and customize with my custom bootscreen, touchdriver, etc… Make a backup and update with this backup → Module doesn’t start anymore
  3. Replace the Splashscreenfile of the backup that did work with the one failing-> works

I also connect the Debug Output over RS232. In case 2 there is no Output at all.

I attached the following file:

  • BootscreenRotated.bmz is the Custom Splashscreen file.
  • FlashBackup_splash_screen.bmz is the file made by the update tool.

Can you help me with this?

Short addition. If I rename the custom splashscreen to FlashBackup_splash_screen.bmz and replace the one in the Backupfolder. The update works also…

Thanks for that Informationen. We already released an update that fixes this issue.