Upadte of T20 to latest WEC7 failed

I am trying to update a an existing T20 to the latest CE7 build (2.4).
Using Recovery mode, with the latest Flash tools.
I have the T20 plugged into an iris carrier board (rev1.1)
I get the following output:

loader.nb0 sent successfully
waiting for bootloader to initialize
bootloader downloaded successfully
MAC: TID=0x00142D, CID=5026657
HW: VerMaj=1, VerMin=2, Variant=0, ProdID=20
PROD: TestDay=737632, Testing=0, TestVer=53

Updating BCT
Sending generated BCT…RamSize=256MB, isApalis=0, isIT=0, 333Mhz Done
failed executing command 12 NvError 0x120002
bootloader status: failed to create the partition (code: 10) message: nverror:0x3 (0x3) flags: 0
Sending Sync…
failed executing command 26 NvError 0x120002
Sync Failed
command failure: create failed (bad data)
bootloader status: partition table is invalid, missing required information (code: 14) message: nverror:0x3 (0x3) flags: 0

Press any key to continue . . .

Any suggestions on what to try next?


Could you try to update module using recovery mode and the latest NVflash tool?

That is what i tried first. Latest NVflash tool(2.6) and current stable CE7 release (2.4).
The result was as show above.