Unified Touch driver and WEC2013 1.4b2 issue?


I’m trying to upgrade to WEC2013 1.4b2.
Unfortunately it seems the Unified Multi-Touch Driver does not start.
The multi-touch hardware adaption aborts with “no Unified Touch Driver…aborted”

Touch Registry Settings

Dear @t_achmann,

We are able to reproduce the problem. This issue is raised due to recently implemented Asynchronous driver loading, please wait for a couple of days, we will get back you.

Thanks for looking into this.

Dear @t_achmann,

Thank you for your patience. Still, we are working on this, it will take some more days to suggest a solution or fix. Meanwhile, if you want to use touch solution on the 1.4B2 image, please use below workaround.


Change to


This is actually disabling a new feature of Asynchronous driver loading.

We will get back in a few days as soon as we find the solution.

Dear @t_achmann,

Thank you for your patience. We found a fix to solve the Touch driver loading on 1.4 B2 image. Please download this registry and import it after you install the touch driver installer and Save Registry and Reboot then verify touch driver is loading and working? This fix moving touch driver to BuiltIn drivers and added Async load and Dependents.

Please let us know if you need any support on this.

Working nicly :slight_smile: still fastbooting - now using WEC2013 1.4b4

Thanks !