Unable to run MongoDB

i have installed mongoDB on my VF61 and tried to run mongod it says
-sh: mongod: command not found is it possible to run mongodb and set path to SD card mongod --dbpath /media/mmcblk0p1 .

Can you share the details of the image version on the module and your installation procedure for mongod?

Please find the details below :
console linux image version on the module is 2.5v
I successfully installed it using npm install mongodb --save

i typed mongod command it says :
-sh: mongod: command not found

Hm, I am not a node expert at all, but npm is a package manager to install Node libraries isn’t it? This website also mentions that the npm mongodb package is merely a mongodb driver…

Unfortunately, the Ångström package feeds do not provide mongodb, therefor it is not possible to install it directly from the feeds using opkg. You would have to rebuild the image (see our OpenEmbedded (core) article). Unfortunately it seems that mongodb is currently not buildable with Yocto/OpenEmbedded, see: http://lists.openembedded.org/pipermail/openembedded-devel/2014-December/099292.html

Looking through the mongodb bug tracker, it seems that ARM(v7) is not really supported and rather challenging to bring it to run… https://jira.mongodb.org/browse/SERVER-18166

hi stefan agner thanks for the info. do you suggest any database uses nodemodule …
i have lot of challenge npm install sqlite3 as well. if you could suggest me any database uses nodemodules is perfectly fine.

Thanks for the help

sqlite seems like the better choice as this is usually even integrated as a library. What problems do you experience with sqlite?