Unable to launch program on M4 core of VF61

I am running the Toradex Linux consol image 2.7 on my Colibri VF61 and I cannot seem to launch an application on the Cortex M4 core. I am confused, because I know I was able to do this several weeks ago. I thought maybe my changes to the device tree file might have caused a problem, so I went back to the Toradex console Linux image and Toradex device tree. Here is what I have done:

I re-flashed the Linux image from Uboot with the commands run setupdate and run setup. Then I created a file in /etc/modules_load.d named vf610_cm4_rproc.conf containing the single line vf610_cm4_rproc. I then put my elf file into the /lib/firmware folder and renamed my elf file to freertos-rpmsg.elf and rebooted the VF61.

Unfortunately my program fails to run on the M4 core. This is the same program that I did run on the M4 core several weeks ago, so I must be doing something wrong now. I don’t remember all the steps I went through to get it to run the first time.

Now I am getting the following messages on the Linux console during boot time:

[    4.905958] vf610_m4_rproc 3f000000.cortexm4core: can't request region for resource [mem 0x3f000000-0x3f07ffff]
[    4.933215] vf610_m4_rproc 3f000000.cortexm4core: devm_ioremap_resource failed for resource 0
[    4.959281] vf610_m4_rproc: probe of 3f000000.cortexm4core failed with error -16

I’m sure this is not good, but I am at a loss as to why I can’t get this to work. Please tell me what I am doing wrong.

I tried again to launch a program on the M4 core. This time I used the unmodified hello-world demo app. I uploaded the hello-world.elf file to /lib/firmware, and this time I created a symlink to the elf file with the command ln -s hello_world.elf freertos-rpmsg.elf as described on the Toradex website. I rebooted the VF61, but still no luck. I get the same errors during boot as I described above.

Please help me. What am I doing wrong?

hi @irbsd

Could you provide the complete dmesg log in a file? Thanks.

I rebooted again, got the same problem (didn’t launch program on M4 core, same error messages). I Copied the dmesg log to a file with dmesg > dmesg.txt and have attached the text file here.

hi @irbsd

I think you forgot to set the defargs in the U-Boot as described here:

setenv defargs 'clk_ignore_unused initcall_blacklist=sram_init'

Best regards, Jaski