Unable to import library ole32.dll ! Program will exit

We have received new SBC from toradex Viola Plus carrier board + Colibri VF61 . It was shipped with windows CE 6 image. We wanted to upgrade it to windows embedded compact 7. We used the update tool provided in the existing OS and selected nk.7 image . after the flashing process it reboots at display goes blurr (bootloader version 1.3) and display “Unable to import library ole32.dll ! Program will exit.” what will be the reason , what steps we need to take to upgrade to windows CE 7 ?

alt text


Before updating you would need to clear the registry.

To do it now enter the bootloader and press C.

I have LCD connected to unified display connector . Attached keyboard and mouse to the two USB connectors. ON power on itself i am pressing SPACE in the keyboard. But the boot time is very minimal it does not recognize the space command and hence does not enter to botloader. Other options i have?

You can find instructions on how to enter bootloader here → http://developer.toradex.com/knowledge-base/bootloader-menu

Thank you. I cleared the registry. Now it boots with Windows CE 7 image.