Unable to connect as root over SSH on Apalis IMX8 with torizon OS


I am unable to connect as root on my apalis IMX8Q. no password woks. I tried leaving blank, or using torizon as password, not working. I tried flashing with different version of Torizon (with evaluation containers), just to have the same result.
the ‘torizon’ user does not have writing permission to some files. can’t for example change the can bit rate.

Hey @DuclairTiomo,

In general for TorizonCore Images you will want to log in as torizon, and the password is initially torizon, but will prompt you to change it. Here is some more information.

Can you describe your specific issue a bit more. What file are you trying to write to (location)? And are you trying to do this via docker containers?

Also, in case we need to investigate a bit further. What TorizonCore version are you using? and what carrier board?


Hi Eric,

Thank you for your reply.
I logged as torizon, and noticed that I actually needed to invoke the sudo command to change the CAN baud rate. don’t know for the other files I tried editing. I’m using the Ixora carrier board. not sure for the version of TorizonCore, but it was the latest proposed for my Apalis IMX8Q controller.

This works for me for now, so this thread can be closed.