Unable to build core-image-x11 and core-image-sato

I am trying to compile cargo package. i am unable to generate image(core-image-x11/core-image-sato) . We are observing multiple rust packages 1.59.0/1.70.0 in two different meta layer.we are setting 1.59.0 default but faching 1.70.0. then unpack and compilation issue we are getting.if any idea about this types of error please help me.

we are using toradex AM62 som board.

Greetings @Akash,

Just to clarify, you’re trying to build the core-image-x11 recipe correct? If that is the case then why have you tagged your question with “torizon”?

In the meta-layer for torizon, meta-toradex-torizon we set the rust version to 1.70.0, via DISTRO settings as seen here: meta-toradex-torizon/conf/distro/include/torizon.inc at kirkstone-6.x.y · torizon/meta-toradex-torizon · GitHub

If you’re seeing this version in your build that must mean you have this meta-layer configured in your build. But, then why do you have this meta-layer in your build if you’re trying to build core-image-x11?

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