UBOOT freezes showing few lines of text only

Hi Everyone,

I am currently trying to access the bootloader of my Apalis T30.
I connected it properly with all the connectors as explained here in this link

But the UBOOT freezes by just displaying the following text.

U-Boot 2011.06-00002-g5711fd2 (Oct 22 2013 - 16:09:53)

I want to update the bootloader and install the new version of OS on my Apalis-t30 using microSD card.
Can anyone help me in the further steps.


Could you try recovery procedure as described here - http://developer.toradex.com/knowledge-base/txx-recovery-mode ?

The bootloader menu is not working. This procedure requires you to have access to bootloader right?

No, one may also enter the recovery mode by other means. On the Colibri Evaluation Board one may just press the recovery mode button, on Iris just short JP1 pins 1-2 or alternatively short certain pads directly on the module as explained in the article @alex.tx mentioned above.