UBoot "fbpanel: command not found"

I installed boot2qt from the Toradex easy installer. I’ve run the default demo application and also uploaded my own from Qt Creator and in both cases my screen resolution is way off. After searching for a solution it seems I need to change a variable in uboot.

Following the Qt instructions for the iMX6 (https://doc.qt.io/QtForDeviceCreation/qtee-customization.html) it says I should set the fb_hdmi environment variable to my resolution and I should be able to see the current settings with the “fbpanel” command. When I try to use the fbpanel command it returns “fbpanel: command not found”. Additionally all of the fb env variables are empty including fb_hdmi. If I set fb_hdmi to my resolution and save env variables, on reboot it seems to have no affect and my resolution is still completely wrong.

Looking into uboot, fbpanel should be supported on linux kernel version 3.14.x and above and uboot version v2015.07 and above. My current versions are:

linux kernel: 4.9.87

uboot: 2016.11-2.8.3

Therefore an outdated uboot does not seem to be the issue.

How can I change the resolution for my Apalis iMX6 board? Is this the correct method or is there a new way to do it that I haven’t found?


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