Uart using VF 61, CPU goes to 100% utilisation

im using Colibri VF61 WINC 8 ,i have facing the Uart issue

uart open successfully with 15200 baud rate .

my Slave Unit send data every 20ms. So Tradex VF 61 CPU goes to 100% utilisation.

your information this issue fixed in your colibri T30 Module.

you are requested please fixed this issue in Vf61 module.

and share the new image file.


Tegra and Vybrid modules are different. So its not same issue. On VF modules CPU is going to go high if you are sending big amounts of data over UART and CPU has to process it. If VF module is to slow for you to process this data you will have to get module that is more powerful.

There is no was to reduce the CPU load when sending data over UART.