U-boot USBH2 not working

We are evaluating the apalis-TK1 with the Apalis-evaluation board (V1.1A). The USB2H on the apalis is not working under u-boot (Apalis-TK1_Console-Image-Tezi_3.0b2.65). this is a very important feature for us as we are going to use the USB2H (usb@7d004000) for firmware upgrade. what should we do to have the USB2H working on the Apalis evaluation board.


more on this

we can detect the USB storage connected on the USB2H whith USB start list the content with fatls usb 0 but when we try to load a file in the usb mass storage with load usb 0 $loadaddr test.bin, u-boot just crash a reset

here is the crashing info

Apalis TK1 # load usb 0 $fdt_addr_r flash_mmc.img
data abort
pc : []          lr : []
reloc pc : [<8015f358>]    lr : [<8015e994>]
sp : ffb3b6f8  ip : 00000003     fp : 00000005
r10: ffb5ba00  r9 : ffb48ed0     r8 : 00000001
r7 : ffb5d058  r6 : feb39040     r5 : ffb3b720  r4 : 00000020
r3 : 00000066  r2 : feb390a3     r1 : ffb5d0c4  r0 : feb3909f
Flags: nzCv  IRQs off  FIQs off  Mode SVC_32
Code: e1a00006 e8bd81f0 e353002f 03a0305c (e0c230b2)
Resetting CPU ...

resetting ...

What exact hardware (module and carrier board) and software versions of things are you talking about?

the module is apalis-tk1 and the carrier board is Apalis evaluation board V1.1a

You may want to un-reset the on-carrier USB hub e.g. as follows:

Apalis TK1 # gpio set U4
gpio: pin U4 (gpio 164) value is 1

with release 2.8b6 it works without any problem. but with beta release 3.0b2 it still crash.

no progress till now. facing same problem.
here is the toradex official release that has been used https://docs.toradex.com/106592-apalis-tk1-linux-console-image-beta-tezi.tar

any help on this

further tested this but it is working only for v2.8b6 release. it is still not working for v3.0b2 release. it is still crashing on data transaction

is this was tested with release v3.0b2 ?

Could you please try one of our latest nightly builds (e.g. via Toradex Easy Installer CI Feed)? We believe this issue should already have been fixed.