U-boot splashscreen on lvds output with Apalis imx6

I’ve a problem to use a LVDS Display in u-boot (to show a splashscreen)!
@1st the display work correct in linux environment so the hw, the device tree settings and command line setting are correct!
Then I look to uboot and it seems to me that uboot don’t use the device tree settings! I have to set the “panel” variable to specify the used display. I set the display_info_t to my settings (also enable_lvds()…) in apalis_imx6.c. but it doesn’t work. Where can I select the used ipu (in my case ipu2-di1)?
Is it the right way? Is the code ready?


so if it is the right way to select the lvds display via the “panel” variable…!?
I’d try to find out the reason wy it doesn’t work: the connected display have a resolution of 800x480!
Now if I increase the resolution in display settings (display_info_t/apalis_imx6.c) to 1024x768 I got my splashscreen (currently with wrong colors and shifted to center, but I can see the picture)!
I find out that uboot is doing some special things in the resolution is above 1024 in ipu_disp.c:
if (width >= HIGH_RESOLUTION_WIDTH) { if (dma_chan == 23) ipu_dmfc_init(DMFC_HIGH_RESOLUTION_DP, 0);
But I don’t realy understand that for now…
Can anyone help, please?

anybody …an idea? do you need some information more in detail?