Turning ON the Apalis Evaluation Board with external DC Power Supply

Hello Sir/Madam,
I have purchased the Apalis Evaluation Board and want to connect it to the external DC power supply as recommended. We have the Aplab DC power supply and need to know how to make the connection with (as the connection to Aplab is via the Banana cables) and also how to connect to the ground. Thanking you in anticipation. I have also purchased the Carrier Board Accessory kit .

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Amar V

Hello @amar and Welcome to the Toradex Community!

As written in the Datasheet of Apalis Evaluation Board, you should connect the positive output of your DC Power Supply to the Pin 2 of the Connector X15 and the negative output should be connected to Pin 1 of the Connector X15.

Alternatively you can connect the Power Adapter included in the Carrier Board Accessory Kit to the Connector X17.

Note: Don’t plug both power supplies at same time to the board.

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Thank you for the feedback with abstract information, good day ahead

Amar V

You are welcome. Did you manage to turn on the Apalis Evaluation Board?