Trying to update bootloader imx6


I tried to update bootloader and os image (wec2013) from 1.1 (Bootloader 1.1 for Colibri Built Jan 9 2017) to the last one but after flashing the loader with success, I reboot and i got Nothing on the screen, nothing on serial port. I have to enter recovery mode and flash old bootloader to make it work. Can you help me please ? thanks.

“flashloader 0 eboot.spl spl
524352 bytes read.
Flashing loader on user partition.
Loader flashed successfully, reboot to run the new loader.” ==> after reboot, I have nothing…

Could you try to use TEZI to load a latest bootloader/OS image?

Please do “erase flash” before image flashing.

It works with Toradex Easy Installer, thanks !