Trying to get vscode extension to see an IMX8X/viola

I have a viola carrier board with an IMX8X, running the torizon containerless image installed via the easyintaller interface. It is powered up and I can log in as torizon over the serial port. I have an ethernet connection set up from my Ubuntu lap top as well, and I can ssh in to the board successfully as well.
When I run VSCode with the toradex extension version 2 installed, I do not see the board in vscode. I have tried “rescanning” and the board is never seen. Can someone help me undestand how to diagnose the problem?

Greetings @nccaruso,

Does your PC/laptop have multiple network interfaces? The way the scanning works in our extension is that it scans the first network interface found on your machine. But this may not be the network interface the Torizon device is found at, if you have multiple network interfaces.

If that is the case you can modfiy host_ip in the settings.json of your project. You want to modify this to be the IP address corresponding to the network interface on your machine that your target device can be found at. This way you can control which network interface the extension will scan on.

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thanks, this is a good suggestion.

Did this end up working for you? Or are there still issues?

Hi Jeremias, sorry; I configured the board manually and that worked. I did not try modifying which interface was searched because I got the extension to connect to the board

Okay that’s fine as well, glad you were able to proceed with a solution.