Troubleshooting "Page Not Found" Error and Terminal Display Configuration Issue

Hi Toradex Support,

I checked the ports and received a “page not found” message. I then added port 500/tcp and port 5000 to the configuration, but nothing showed up as intended.

Could the issue be related to my configuration, firewall, or any other factors? My intention is simply to display the output of the terminal at the localhost network address.

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Hi @Mehrdad !

It is not clear what you are trying to accomplish.

The process that you highlighted (Moses) is part of the backend of the first version of the VS Code Extension for Torizon (previous to the new “ApolloX” one).

Why would you like to access the backend process of the extension? It is not meant to be used like this.

The output of which terminal? VS Code terminal? Module’s terminal? Also, could you please explain your use case?

The ports configuration that you highlight (top left) are the ports of the container that will run on the target once you launch it. The ports you highlighted at the bottom are related to Moses.

Although your container needs to connect to VS Code in order to perform the remote debugging (which is done through Moses), it will not be easily accessible/usable from a browser.

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Hi @henrique.tx ,
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The print statement in the main, for instance, the output of VS code terminal

Let me explain it to you:

Similar to a panel, a small section, when the LED is turned on, it should display the number one, and when it is turned off, it should display the number zero.

something like this for the webserver:
I deeply value and am extremely grateful for your assistance.

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Hi @Mehrdad !

Interesting application, indeed :slight_smile:

I think you might be mixing the Moses backend of the Torizon Extension with your own Webserver that you are creating with your application.

You must find out from your own application which port it is using to serve your application’s Webserver. Something like this (from your screenshot):

Also, as it is running from a container, you must expose the Webserver port that you are using to the “outside world”, as usual. You can do this from the ports entry of the project configuration in Torizon Extension’s tab in VS Code.

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Hello @Mehrdad ,
Were you able to solve your issue with the info provided by @henrique.tx ?
If so, could you please mark his answer as solution?

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