Trouble while porting Qml project from IMX8 to imx6

Hello, since you cannot supply us the Apalis IMX8 because of the NXP release

delay we started to porting our QT/QML application to Apalis IMX6.
We have installed Boot2Qt (last update, June 2019) to our Apalis IMX6 and
compiled our project with the IMX6 toolchain.
When we launch the application with appcontroller version 5.11 (built from
QtApplicationManager) the program crash launching another application
(using the method startApplication) with a segmentation fault.

The tracelog is like the following one:

[WARN | default | qml-launcher] QWaylandGLContext: Failed to create the

decorations EGLContext. Decorations will not be drawn.
[WARN | am.deployment | qml-launcher] Absolute import path in the
runtime configuration can lead to problems inside containers (e.g.

*** process /root/build/bin/appman (2697) crashed ***

 > why: uncaught signal 11 (Segmentation fault)
 > backtrace:
   1: /root/build/bin/appman(+0xc73e8) [0x4d43e8]
   2: /root/build/bin/appman(+0xc6bf0) [0x4d3bf0]
   3: /lib/ [0x75939470]

 > the process will be aborted (core dump)

[WARN | qt.qpa.wayland |] Loading shell integration failed.
[WARN | qt.qpa.wayland |] Attempted to load the following shells

[WARN | default |] The Wayland connection broke. Did the Wayland
compositor die?
Application crashed: /root/build/bin/appman
Process stopped

Updating the application manager from version 5.11 to version 5.13 we managed
to launch applications without faults, however the QML of the children did not
get displayed by the compositor.

Our software need to use WAYLAND instead of X11 and framebuffer
(we need the multi-process feature enabled by wayland support).
How can we address this issues keeping wayland working?

Kind regards,

Hi @MarcoGestri

It seems that Qt still has some problems with Wayland+Weston on iMX6:
I assume you used weston?

Can you try to use one of the weston compositors from Qt? The IVI compositor was working for me: