Trouble shooting Voltage error on iMX7

Hi all,

I have an iMX7D 1.1C that won’t boot in recovery mode. I am able to use other SOMs with the same set up in recovery mode, so I’m assuming the issue lies in the SOM itself. (It’s sitting on an Iris Carrier board hooked up to Ubuntu 14.)

Now my initial best guess is that there is a voltage issue caused by an inadvertent short of a GPIO which damaged the 3.3v supply. This is further supported by the fact that upon trying to boot into recovery mode, LED1 does not light up, though LED2 does.

My question is how to go about troubleshooting further. Are there any tools available to verify my assumption, are there any over-current protections that can be reset/replaced, or is this SOM SOL?

Hi @electricbudda,

thank you very much for using the Toradex Developer Community.

The Iris Carrier board is actually providing a over-current protection.
I guess that the first thing to do is check if the bare Iris (without the module) is working fine.

So please remove the Colibri module from the Iris carrier board and plug the power connector.
Are the two LEDs now ON?
Could you please check the voltages on the pins 1 and 3 of X20? The pin 1 should be 5V, pin 2 GND and pin 3 should be 3.3V.

Please let me know so we will decide on how to further troubleshooting this issue.