Touchscreen ET070080DH6 enclosure

Do you know/ can you recommend a supplier that would supply case for 7" ET070080DH6 touchscreen ? or for ET0700G0DH6 touchscreen?


Dear @shiva_eghbal ,
thank you very much for using the Toradex Developer Community.

I am sorry for the late answer, I have been asking around to my colleagues if anyone knew a company which could provide a case for the ET070080DH6. Unfortunately, I have not been lucky.

I am still waiting for an answer but, for now, my recommendation is to get directly in contact with EDT:

I would also recommend having a look at our partner network services providers:

I am sure that one of the companies listed on this website should be capable of designing an enclosure for this display.

In addition, I would have a look at this article of our developer website:

It contains the 3D data of a case which would be compatible with the above-mentioned display.

I am really sorry that I cannot provide you any better help, please don’t hesitate to use again the Toradex Developer COmmunity if needed.

Hi Diego,
I have contacted EDT and waiting for their response.
Just to let you know, the link about partner network services doesn’t work.

hi shiva,
there was typo. It should work now.