Touch screen detection problem

I have problems using my 4-wire 7" touch screen on VF50 or VF61. When i’m using stylus, touch accuracy is ok even when using smaller surface of a finger pad, but when i’m using bigger surface, touch is not detected, even when applying bigger force on the screen. I’ve tryed to calibrate the screen, without success. Axises are not inverted like in previous posts. Strange thing is, that when using T20 module, touch works very well with both, stylus and finger pad. I’ve been trying to change the register settings on VF50 and VF61 according to Resistive Touch Screen article that you have published, but unfortunately without success. I have also found out, that both, VF61 and T20 are using independant ADC(Wolfson) for touch screen. Again, strange thing is, that touch works with T20 and not with VF61 / 50.
Can you please give me any advice on how to solve this problem?

@markom, please let us know which operating system and which BSP version you are using. Thanks.

Hello, thanks for the answer. I’m using CE7 and BSP version 1.3

For VF50 there is currently no way to improve it but for VF61 we will check if there is a simple way to improve it and add it to new release.

Please follow our roadmap for the updates.