Torizoncore security advisor tool


I ran into the Security Advisor Tool yesterday and wanted to test our system but found got the following error when trying to pull the container:

Error response from daemon: manifest for toradexlabs/arm32v7-security-advisor:latest not found: manifest unknown: manifest unknown

Neither the arm or x86 images worked.

Also, what would you rceommend as to load some of the meta-security modules as clamav or checksecurity?



Greetings @jaimeibk,

For the security advisor tool and most of our containers we try to avoid the usage of the “latest” tag as it’s less maintainable. Please see the official docker hub repository to see what tags are actually available:

As for the meta-security tools honestly I don’t have any good recommendations. We’ve tried a couple of those tools/scanners on Torizon and while some do work they can sometimes return strange/wrong results as they’re not optimized specifically for Torizon. Also the choice of security tool/scanner ultimately depends on what you want to look for. The security advisor tool we provide is a very general scanner that still needs to be further optimized for Torizon. With that said I’d say give any of the scanners a try but definitely take the results with a grain of salt as they may be wrong or inaccurate.

Best Regards,