Torizoncore/manifest meta-lmp issue


today(06.05.22) I am trying to build the reference core-docker image as of the guide at Build TorizonCore from Source With Yocto Project/OpenEmbedded .
The issue is that when i start bitbake i get an error that it cannot find layers/…/meta-lmp-base folder.

After searching for the issue i stumbled on the default manifest and saw that it was updated and lmp was removed.

After adding the removed lines to the local manifest file and doing a new repo sync the issue went away.

Did someone check that this change would not produce an issue?

All the best.

Hi @c.gantner!

Thanks for the report!
This is a known issue, we will send a fix for that today. In the meanwhile, you can revert the manifest commit as you did or build from integration.xml file.

Best regards,

Great to know.

The build went on until it hit openembedded-core boost. It threw an error 1 on do_compile.
Need to look how to resolve this.

Regards, Cristian

Hi @c.gantner ,

Just to inform you that our patch was merged. It should be fixed now.

Ok, if you want to share more about this problem (maybe some logs or a more detailed error) we can try to help you here.

Best Regards,