TorizonCore fluent bit caching for devices with intermittent internet connection

is there a way for fluent bit to cache the data on the device and then upload it to Torizon OTA platform when the device is online again.

our device will have intermittent connection to internet. but it would still be good to get data from the time period when it was not connected to internet.

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I did a quick search and I found this in the fluent-bit documentation: Buffering & Storage - Fluent Bit: Official Manual

Is this along the lines of what you were thinking? Or is your use-case different than this?

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thanks for the link. this looks promising.

as background info. in our use case the device is mobile and comes in range of a internet connection every 8-12 hours. we would still like to collect information like cpu usage , temperature etc while the device is not connected.

Thank you for clarifying your use case. It makes sense and seems sensible enough. While you take a look at the link I shared let me bring this up internally. On the fluent-bit side this should work well enough, at least according to that link.

On our server side I’m not 100% certain how our platform would handle receiving a chunk of data like this from an intermittently connected device. Though I’ll check on this.

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