Torizoncore-builder push change display name


i am using the torizoncore-builder yaml file to build a custom image with overlay. this than i want to push to the torizon ota server.
using the command i pass the commit reference and this is the name that appears on the only ota platform. is there a way to change the display name

Greetings @nkj,

We recently implemented a change that will allow this. However this change hasn’t been made public quite yet. Once the change is public you should be able to use new arguments --package-name and --package-version to set how the name and version will show up on the web UI.

So for now please await the next version release of TorizonCore Builder which will have this new feature.

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Would you have rough timeline on when this will be released. this along with inability to delete older images means. that the list of custom images gets difficult to interpret.

I don’t have an exact timeline other than “soon”. The releases for TorizonCore Builder don’t follow a regular release cadence. Usually we just release whenever we’ve built up enough new changes and features for a substantial new version.

Looking at our feature backlog this looks to be soon.

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Hi Jeremias, is this the same as the name that shows up when you put a SOM in recovery mode and then call the ./ script and then open up the list of available images using VNC?
I was able to change that name by manually editing the “name” property in the image.json file
Are we talking about the same thing here? Is there an option that we can add in the tcb builder YAML file to change that name when building the image?

Hi @jose_au_zone,

Unfortunately this is completely different. The thread here is about the display name when uploading images to our OTA web server, rather than the display name in Easy Installer images.

As for your question I don’t believe there’s a way to customize the image.json auto-magically during build time. Though this is a good idea, let me pass this along as feedback to our team. Thank you for the idea always appreciated!

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Just to add an update about @jose_au_zone comment:

Possibly, at the time of the request it wasn’t yet implemented. Now this is possible through the output → easy-installer → name,description properties on the tcbuild.yaml file, as described on TorizonCore Builder Tool “build” command | Toradex Developer Center