"torizoncore-builder dt checkout" from VScode ApolloX

I create a tcb customization project with ApolloX, and I customized


section to download the proper image.
I see that TASK RUNNER >> tcb-build works as expected.

Now I need to apply a customized device tree overlay and I read this manual approach to get the source code of the Toradex supplied device tree files (including overlays), that requires running:

torizoncore-builder dt checkout

But I don’t see how to do this from VScode, or from the folder of the tcb customization project.
Is there a way to do this?


Hi @vix ,

I got in contact with the extension team, and for now you have to manually add the necessary source files when dealing with TorizonCore 6.

In TorizonCore Builder the Device Tree and DT Overlay workflow is currently being reviewed for TC 6. Because of this, V2 of the extension won’t have a DT/DTO checkout feature planned until the TCB workflow review.

Best regards,
Lucas Akira

Thank you.
I found this approach for TorizonCore 6.