Torizoncore-builder docker-compose canonicalize private registry


i tried to create an offline capable version of a docker-compose file with torizoncore-builder:

torizoncore-builder push --canonicalize --credentials docker-compose.yml

I’m getting the following error:
Error: Registry name specification is not supported yet (at service 'xena').

The docker container at service ‘xena’ is on a private docker registry on azure.

Are there any plans to support private registries e.g. Azure ?

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Hello @wheeler ,
This is a known limitation in TorizonCore Builder. Our team is aware of it and they are working on a solution, but I have no information about when it will be available.

The only “workaround” now would be to use to use a DockerHub registry. Might be useful to at least test the feature and figure out the entire workflow, maybe using a non-sensitive sample instead of your own application.

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I reply here to support the same request - this is another showstopper for us currently.
Our company policy does not allow pushing the source codes or binaries outside the company servers.

In June 15th, we have already fixed one of the issues regarding private registry TLS certificate used during bundling:

Is there a possibility to increase the priority of the support for the private registries among whole torizoncore-builder?

While we are aware of this limitation. In the meantime there is a work-around detailed on the issue tracker here: TorizonCore Builder Issue Tracker

Thank you for pointing out this workaround. I found out it in the mean time. I have prepared a modification of TCB to support private registries. I will share it here after clean-up.

In separate topic I will write about an issue when using “platform push” in TCB build from github.

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Just to give an update here the push command of TorizonCore Builder is now capable of advanced registry access.

This feature/support is planned to be released with the TorizonCore Builder 3.7.0. But if you want access to it right now you can run the TorizonCore Builder container with the early-access tag, or build TorizonCore Builder from the open-source repo here: GitHub - toradex/torizoncore-builder: TorizonCore Builder is a tool that allows the customization of TorizonCore images.