TorizonCore Builder deploy using non-standard SSH port

Are there any plans to add something like a “–remote-port” option to the “torizoncore-builder deploy” command? Or perhaps allow appending the SSH port to the hostname, e.g., “–remote-host=hostname:port”?

My use case is that I am connecting to my Apalis SOM through an SSH tunnel, so I need to be able to deploy to a nonstandard port number (e.g., port 5022 on localhost, which tunnels over to my SOM). It seems TorizonCore Builder always assumes port 22.

I couldn’t find the sources for TorizonCore Builder on GitHub so I assume it’s closed source? Otherwise I’d be happy to make the change and submit a PR.

Greetings @dcullen,

You are correct that currently we use the default SSH port of 22. While TorizonCore Builder is currently not open source, we do plan to eventually open source it. However it is actually possible to see and modify the code source. The tool runs in a container and uses python meaning one could just run the container and get a shell inside it and see the python sources.

But that’s besides the point. Your use-case of a nonstandard SSH port seems pretty useful to consider. Let me bring this up internally with the team and see if we can put it on our list to implement.

Best Regards,

Thanks, Jeremias!

Good point about opening up a shell inside the container to poke around! I thought about doing that but wanted to see if there was a canonical approach first. :slight_smile: For now I’m just manually issuing ostree commands from an SSH session on the SOM in order to pull the updates across from my dev box (which serves the ostree repo with a simple Python web server). But it would definitely be more convenient to deploy using TorizonCore Builder, so thanks for entertaining the idea to add this feature!


Just an update, we added this potential feature to our backlog and will work on it as time permits. However no promise on an exact timeline for implementation. Thank you for the suggestion to improve our tools!