Torizon OS and External Watchdog

Hi there!

We are currently in the finishing stages of designing out custom Verdin carrier board. One topic that has come up is whether or not we should add an external watchdog IC to monitor our system. The external watchdog would be triggered by our application using a GPIO pin. It would force a system reset by means of powering down the SoM long enough.

As we will be using Torizon OS I’m trying to identify potential problems with a hardware based watchdog solution. One specific case that comes into mind would be system updates with Aktualizr. As far I understand from the docs Torizon OS will try an update up to three times before rolling back to the previous version.

Do you have any experience that you could share about using a hardware based watchdog with Torizon OS?


Hello @p.stucki.dp,

right now we don’t have something for this case in torizon OS via default.
We might offer a feature in the future. I will check with the torizon team.
one option would be to modify torizon core.

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