Torizon I2C for Node Red

I want to use NodeRed to communicate with I2C devices.

My issues:
I cannot use any of the IC2tools cmds as it gives error such as I2Cdetect not found
NPM cannot be found or installed
APT cannot be found or installed
So without a package manager I am at a loss
I run the Torizon image with Docker
Under Docker/NR there are some nodes for generic I2C I tried however it’s probably not mapped to the drivers or kernel space
I have extensively searched with no luck
Pls help

Greetings @powertrick!

When using TorizonCore, you’ll have to deploy your application as a container. The base TorizonCore image does not contain i2c-tools nor a package manager. You have to create your own Dockerfile inheriting our Debian image and then install everything you need.

I highly suggest you to follow our Getting Started guide on Torizon to get a grasp on how Docker works and how to create your own container image using a Dockerfile.