Torizon debug directly on windows machine

Is it possible debug torizon application directly on windows machine without connecting to a Colibri hardware? I have installed docker but when I launch debug on VS2019 it asks me device and the list is empty. Is not possible create a sort of emulator in the docker.
Maybe the question is trivial I’m neophyte with linux embedded and containers, I would like port my real time application from Windows CE to Torizon enviroment.

Greetings @fab.camagna,

Our extension is intended for application development and debugging on live Toradex hardware. While it is true that Docker can emulate Linux and even arm/Linux software on Windows, it can’t emulate the hardware that is present on our modules. Even for a purely software based application with no major hardware dependencies it would still be ideal to run/debug the solution on the intended hardware/device. Especially in your case where you have real-time considerations.

Though help me understand your use-case. Do you not have Colibri hardware available to you? Or is there another reason you can’t/don’t want to connect Colibri hardware?

Best Regards,