Torizon container update with torizon OTA

when i update torizon container with torizon OTA all the existing container restart. Is it possible to update individual container without affecting the other. Can we add new container with torizon ota without affecting existing container? Currently on torizon OTA app for update we can select either docker-compose file or custom image(os), How to update individual container from docker file having multiple containers

Computer on Module         - Apalis iMX8
Carrier Board                       - Ixora Carrier Board
Computer on Module OS  - Torizon
Development PC OS          - Linux

Greetings @bhagwat_99,

Unfortunately this is currently not possible with the present implementation. To be clear the current process for updating containers with OTA is this:

  • Update is triggered
  • All Currently running containers are stopped
  • New containers as defined by the docker-compose.yml are pulled and ran
  • If new containers start up successfully, then all old containers and images are removed from the device’s storage to be space efficient.

We realize this flow doesn’t fulfill all use-cases such as yours. But for now we keep it general since it’s difficult to foresee all possible cases. In the future we hope to make it so that more customized behaviors can be defined by the users. But as I said initially, this currently isn’t the case.

Best Regards,