Torizon and .NET Core

Is it possible create a .NET Core 5 container and develop and run a C# application with Colibri IMX? Can I use from net core with C# I2C GPIO and Serial Port? Which version of IMX is compatible with this container?


Could you please clarify which version of Colibri are you planning to use?

And which TorizonCore version?

In the meantime:

Please see if this tutorial will help you to start, which shows how to use GPIO: .NET Core Development and Debugging on Torizon Using Visual Studio Code.

For using UART, you can use this guide: How to Use UART with Torizon Visual Studio Code Extension (.NET Core).

For using I2C, you may have to base on available .Net resources and how to setup Torizon for it, like showed here for Python - How to use I2C on Torizon.

Any other inputs you think it would be nice to show, @jeremias.tx?

Best regards,
André Curvello

We would like use IMX but which version we need in order to have NET Core run properly?

Hi @fab.camagna,

Torizon fully supports the following modules, which use eMMC as flash storage:

  • Apalis iMX8
  • Apalis iMX8X
  • Apalis iMX6
  • Colibri iMX8X
  • Colibri iMX7 1GB
  • Colibri iMX6DL
  • Verdin iMX8M Mini
    You can find more information here.

Best regards,
André Curvello