ToradexEasyInstaller kernel not starting on Iris-Board with col_iMX6DL

I am trying to get the ToradexEasyInstaller V1.3 to start on the Carrier Board Iris V1.1A with the Colibri iMX6DL 512MB TI V1.0A. On the host machine runs a windows 10 and the Board is connected via RS232 and USB. To get into recovery mode I used the instructions from the ToradexEasyInstaller Website.

When the device ist power up, uboot is booting and by following the instructions I changed bootmode to bmode usb.
After starting the recovery-windows.bat all images were downloaded to the device.
Here is where it is not working properly. When the device is trying to start the kernel I get the error-message below.

Starting kernel ...

[    0.425706] imx_usb 2184000.usb: Can't register ci_hdrc platform device, err=-517
[    0.772375] snvs-secvio 20cc000.caam-snvs: can't get snvs clock
[    1.106715] squashfs: SQUASHFS error: Xattrs in filesystem, these will be ignored
[    1.114274] squashfs: SQUASHFS error: unable to read xattr id index table
Running /etc/rc.local...
/ #  

The only things connected to the Iris board are the RS232, usb to the host and a monitor at the dvi-port.

Any suggestions why the device is not able to start the kernel?

The kernel seems to boot fine. You do have a shell prompt at the end.

Note that Toradex Easy Installer suppresses debug/info kernel messages by default, hence it is normal that you see much fewer kernel messages than in our Linux images.

Thanks for the response. I am new to the hole topic.

I figured out, that non of the monitors I tried are working with the board. So I tried with VNC and it worked just fine. Now I am pretty sure that the windows CE is booting after reboot, but I have neither a image at a monitor nor with VNC.
Basicly I think its a config problem. At the moment I try to figure out how to configure the display options in the bootloader.
When I power up the device I get the below output on RS232.

Toradex Bootloader 1.2 for iMX6 Built Jul 19 2017
Splash screen is enabled.
SPL enabled version.
Using 16MB of IPU memory and 32MB of GPU memory.
Board: Colibri iMX6 DualLite 512MB IT
CPU is running at 792MHz.
Using eMMC boot partition (size: 8192 sectors).
 Initializing L2 Cache.

Press [SPACE] to enter Bootloader Menu

Initiating image launch in 0 seconds.
System ready!
Preparing for download...
Loading compressed image...
Reading image from sector 40962.
Extracting 38280444 bytes from compressed image of 23959892 bytes

Launching image at 10200000.

So from my point of view the windows CE is running proparly but is not configured to display anything on the DVI out.
Hopefully someone can at least point me in the right direction how to configure the video output.

Because the topic changed completely I started a new question with my resent problem, getting a monitor to work with Colibri iMX6DL and Carrier Board Iris. You can find the related question following the below link.