Toradex u-boot 2020.07 regression on imx7 512M nand?


I tried upgrading uboot from 2019.07 to 2020.07 for my Colibri imx7 and it seems to not boot anymore (e.g. nothing happens on screen and board stays in recovery mode) …

i am using colibri_imx7_defconfig …

Interestingly enough i can look the u-boot-nand.imx through directly into mem and it seems to work… just from nand it seems it is not getting picked up correctly.

Is that a known regression? Any info you would be interested to see for this case @stefan_e.tx ?


And you are sure you flashed it to the right offset and stuff? Have you tried flashing any recent BSP 5 using the Toradex Easy Installer which takes care of all this?