Toradex Module - Date of Manufacture


My team has purchased a number of Apalis iMX8 QuadPlus 2GB, (PN: 00491102). Is there any way for us to identify the date of manufacture of the modules, preferably through software? We are aware that the module serial number, part number can be obtained through certain fields under /proc/device-tree, and was wondering whether the modules’ date of manufacture is also populated in a similar fashion somewhere in the firmware.

If this is unavailable, is the modules’ date of manufacture listed anywhere on the module, or on the package?

Hatsy Rei

The date of manufacture information is not included in the config blok, as it is not considered a critical piece of information for the operation of the module. We can only give you date when we received a module from manufacturer if you provide its S/N

Hey Alex, thanks for the reply. I wonder if there is any way to streamline this process of obtaining the mfg date of modules. Would it be possible to have our procurement team work with Toradex’s sales/shipping department to make arrangements so that these information are available to us (e.g., on paper) along with the package?

I understand that this is difficult - I will conduct further discussions with my team and see if it is possible to drop or alter our requirements, but in the meantime we hope to explore all possible solutions offered by Toradex, if available.

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