Toradex installer 5.6 resoultion change to support EDT 4.3 '' lcd?

Hi Forks,
In our company as i mentioned we are using our own flash tool. Now we are planning to use the toradex installer for future. But the problem is that the toradex installer doesnot fit to my lcd screen and the lcd touch is also not working. so, therefore, is there any want to solve this issue and load the image using it from the Lcd. Thank you

Hi @farooq, hope you’re doing good!

The default resolution of Toradex Easy Installer (TEZI) is 640x480. In order to change the resolution and to get the touch working, you’ll need to configure the correct device tree information in your board.

Here you have an article describing how to customize TEZI and add your own device trees overlays: Create Image | Toradex Developer Center

The overlays that you add to this step of the project can also be used on your final project to set the screen parameters and activate the touch.

Please let me know if this answer helped you solve your issue or not.

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Hi @farooq . You can also use Easy Installer autoinstall feature. This way neither touch nor proper screen resolution are not important, Desired image will be installed automatically and operator will be able to check if installation was successful .