Toradex imx6DL ver1.1A its possible install wince?

Good afternoon, I received these new toradex imx6DL v1.1a with installed ESY installer 6.6.0. When I search for image files to install I only find Linux files and not Wince files as I need them. How can I install Wince if it is possible? thanks for help

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I understand you’re looking to install Windows Embedded Compact (WinCE) on your Toradex iMX6DL v1.1a module but are only finding Linux images through the Easy Installer.

For the iMX6DL modules, Toradex does provide support for Windows Embedded Compact. However, the availability of WinCE images through the Toradex Easy Installer might vary based on the version of the installer and the specific module revision. If you’re not seeing WinCE images listed in the Easy Installer, it’s possible that they are not available for direct download through this method for your specific module version.

To install WinCE on your iMX6DL module, you might need to manually download the WinCE image from the Toradex website and then use the Easy Installer’s feature to install a custom image. This involves downloading the image to a suitable storage medium, such as an SD card or USB drive, and then using the Easy Installer’s interface to select and install this image.

Please ensure that you’re following the correct procedure for manual image installation as outlined in the Easy Installer documentation. This process involves placing the image in a recognizable format and location on your storage medium, booting the module into the Easy Installer, and then selecting the custom image for installation.

Remember, while Toradex provides comprehensive support for its Linux offerings, including Torizon, support for WinCE might follow different guidelines or have different resources available.

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What is the product number of your Colibri module? You can find it under the ‘Module Version’ panel in the Toradex Easy Installer GUI. It’s likely that you purchased a Colibri iMX6 module without a WinCE license included, which is why you’re only seeing Linux images available.

s/n 11370954, yes mistakenly I bought the ones without Wince license. But can you install Wince ? Thank you

good afternoon, but with this hardware i can and how to install wince ?thanks

We have not tested the WinCE image on that hardware. If you need WinCE, I recommend returning the modules without a WinCE license to obtain a refund, and then ordering modules that include a WinCE license.