Toradex Easy Installer : format µSD


I’m trying Toradex Easy Installer (TEZI) on my project. Is TEZI able to format µSD and install a list of files ?
I tried /dev/mmcblk2 (like it is displayed on my custom distribution) but it appears that this device doesn’t exist. Is there a way to tell TEZI to mount this block device ?

Sample of my image.json :

            "name": "mmcblk2",
                "content": {
					"filesystem_type": "fat",
					"label": "USD",
					"filename": "Apalis-imx6_AVT-SOFTi-Image.usdfs.tar",
					"uncompressed_size": 0,
					"mkfs_options": ""

It is not a use case we have tested before but I don’t see anything which should prevent this from working. I created a quick test image.json based off on our standard image (see image.json) and tested it on an Apalis iMX6 using the Evaluation Carrier Board, it seemed to have worked fine.

It could be that Tezi enumerated the eMMC/SD-cards differently, can you check whether the device is available under the expected name when booted into Tezi (use serial console to execute lsblk).