Toradex easy installer error on apalis imx6 in ubuntu

Trying to install toradex Easy Installer (Ubuntu 16.04 )

This prepares a SD card or USB flash drive for later use on the carrier board with the module which is to be flashed.

  1. Extracted & Copied in SD Card.
  2. umount it to /media/KERNEL .
  3. Inserted SD Card in carrier board and switched ON the Apalis Module.
  4. pressed space bar , and typed the command
    Boot command line:
    bmode usb

it is keep on resetting …
reply needed…

The 4th point immediately after clearly mentions what has to be done after executing bmode usb.

  1. Use one of the following scripts on the host machine to download and run the Toradex Easy Installer through USB:

    Windows: recovery-windows.bat

thanks for your response

apalis-imx6: ~# bmode usb
resetting …
{ its running for more than 2 hours }
how i can run the in that …
reply as soon as possible

Is you board in recovery mode? It can’t reset if it is. It needs a cold boot. Only reason it comes to my mind on why it doesn’t reset.

No output after bmode usb is expected! It means the module is in recovery mode.

At that point you need to execute ./ on your (via USB connected) host…

i am using Ubuntu 16.04 PC connected to x22 uart { serial port of carrier board }
i am booting Apalis module through serial port using a tool PICOCOM .
how i run while the resetting process is going on { after the command bmode usb }…
{ having only one Ubuntu PC & Apalis module } did u mean i need any another PC like that , where i should run the ./ connected through usb port

One PC in general should do but you need connecting both the console UART as well as the USB device interface to your PC where in the console terminal you do bmode usb just like you did plus then open another terminal shell on that same PC running the ./ script.

i connected a usb to usb (3.0) cable to the apalis board & PC …
i opened another terminal and run the script , i got an error
help me …

Continues in the following thread/question.