Toradex CE Libraries Release Details


i wondered how the Release Details of the work.

For example the last revision of CAN LIB MCP2315 is from 29/06/2015:

In the CE Libraries Relase Details are changes regarding CAN even in 2017…

And the next question: How can i use the latest Library with on Apalis T30 with Win CE 7?
In the Download of the Libraries i only found one Dll and nothing for CE700.

Until now i used the “CANLibMCP2515_Dll.dll” f.Ex.:

<DllImport(DDLNAME)> Public Shared Sub CANLibMCP2515GetLibVersion(ByRef verMaj As Integer, ByRef verMin As Integer, ByRef BuildNumber As Integer)
 End Sub

But since i got some issues i wanted to try the latest Library instead of V2.0 Build 0.

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The page you references is related to our old libraries. When we added new SOCs to our offer we decided to implement more generic APIs for Tegra, iMX6, iMX7 and Vybrid. The redesign broke compatibility, but also provides many benefits that should make the changes in your app worth doing.
If you are writing a new application, then using the new libraries is the best choice.
You can download new libraries from here:
The download package includes a chtm help file with all the up-to-date documentation.

Thank you for the fast answer. Is it possible to use the “new” Libraries with VS 2005 and
Currently we are developing for CE7. Is there some kind of Tutorial for this?

<DllImport(“TdxAllLibrariesDll.dll”)> Public Shared Sub Can_GetVersion(ByRef Version As tVersion)
End Sub

Seems to work … but i wonder, that the Version is 2.0 Build 3840…

This is the version for the new libraries, we started from 1.0 since it’s a completely different API.
It’s release number not related or meant to be greater than the one of the old libs.

We build and test it with VS2008, but lib files should be compatible with VS2005.
We have a sample about how to access API from managed code in the download package, but it’s in C#, on the other side it’s probably not difficult to adapt it to VB.NET or to keep the wrappers in C# and then invoke them from VB.

Ok. Is there maybe a Jump Start for CAN Settings on Apalis T30 with Ixora Board for CAN1 and CAN2? Which Settings are essential for working?

Now I got:
For CAN1:

  • CAN_Init(“CAN1”) or CAN_Init(“SPI2”)
  • Implementation = “MCP2515”
  • IOInterrupt = 178
  • ioRx = 12
  • ioTx = 14
  • Can_Open()

CAN_Init returns 0 But maybe this is not NULL?
Do i need some Registry entries to make it work?

So the Version of the Library is the “global” Version of the TdxAllLibrariesDll.dll.

BTW: Is no longer included in the libraries?

Yes, since we release the whole set of libraries as a single package, we have a common version number, this makes it easier to check what are the changes looking at our roadmaps.
Then you can use the DLL or statically link single libs.
We also have a clocking library, that replaces some of the freqlib features. Since clocking is different on the different SOCs we support the API of that library (used by many of our libs internally) has many SOC-specific functions.

Tegra has no integrated CAN controller, but on Apalis T30 there are external CAN controllers on the module. You can use SPI6 and SPI4 to access those and the CAN output will be on CAN1 and CAN2 of the Apalis pinout.

Okay. Now it makes Sense. Thank you for the Explanation.

Thank you. Can you Tell me the Configuration Data for CAN1 on Apalis T30?

Thank you.

@Stefan.P: As Valter wrote, CAN1 and CAN 2 can not be used as identifier on Apalis T30 currently. You have to initialize the CAN with SPI4 (Can1) or SPI6 (CAN2). The further settings are can be found in the attached c file. It is a modified version tested with the Apalis T30.