TK1 v1.2 with older BSP than 2.7.5

The new TK1 revision v1.2 comes with some pin changes and the release notes state that BSP 2.7.5 is the minimum version that supports those new boards. However migrating from 2.7.1 to 2.7.5 or newer will take us some time and we need to deliver some units within the next days. Is there any quick solution to make the new hardware work with this old BSP? What changes need to be done? Maybe only changes to the device tree? Regards

Please have a look at the PCN for more information about the exact hardware changes:

Please note that V1.1A and earlier hardware versions were in sample status only and further note that none of the BSP 2.7 versions are supported any longer:

BTW: Should you be using the mainline based BSP just changing the device tree would be enough. However, in NVIDIA’s Linux for Tegra based downstream BSP further code changes are needed:

Plus of course you should use a later U-Boot Version which actually does support that hardware revision.

I am aware that our BSP version is deprecated as well as the TK1 module (revision). Anyway i need to create workaround. We are not using the mainline kernel. As far as i see the control pins USB_VBUS_EN0 and USB_VBUS_EN1 are mapped to Apalis GPIO3 and GPIO4. Does this mean when i use my old 2.7.1 image on a v1.2 TK1 module enabling these GPIO pins will enable the USB power?

No, the TK1 SoC Ball name has really nothing to do with what such SoC ball is actually used for on our module.

What you seem to be looking for would be the Apalis Functions USBO1_EN resp. USBH_EN which have a TK1 SoC Ball Apalis V1.2 mapping of GEN2_I2C_SCL resp. GEN2_I2C_SDA.

Please let me precise my question. Is there a possibility to enable the USB power supply via GPIO pins when using the new module v1.2 with an older BSP like 2.7b1? This would be an easy fix for us. Changing the device tree is more complicated (from the customers point of view). Creating a complete new image is no option right now.

I don’t think this is possible without doing direct low-level GPIO register accesses as no such GPIO had been exported to user space before. I assume you are not using any of the other affected functionality like GPIO3/4 or HDMI DDC/EDID?

Correct. We do not use HDMI or (these) GPIOs. Is it possible to purchase a few of the old v1.1 modules? This would give us some time.

I think 10 boards would be enough.

Can you tell me the reason for the pin changes? Did nvidia change the hardware chip itself?

No, we found some weakness in their pin muxing as documented in the errata resp. product change notification.