TK1 V1.1A mainline kernel + K20 support

It seems to me that the K20 chip is not supported for the old V1.1A modules when using the mainline kernel (mainline = Toradex mainline). Can you confirm that? The entry “k20mcu” (see tegra124-apalis-v1.2.dtsi) is missing in tegra124-apalis.dtsi

Hi @qojote

The version TK1 V1.1A was a prototype version and not a volume product version. Thus we never tested mainline kernel on this version.

Being said that you can test the V1.2A device-tree on V1.1A with the necessary changes for the version V1.1A Hardware.

Best regards,

Understood. I can confirm that K20 works with the corresponding changes. I wasn’t aware that the Apalis TK1 was only a prototype for three years…

Perfect. Thanks for your valuable Feedback.