TK1 mainline kernel + QCA6174A

I want to use the QCA6174A chipset to add WLAN and BT functionality to a TK1. I installed the most recent mainline image to see if there is already build-in support. When i try to activate the card i get the error below. Maybe you can give me hint of how to reesolve this issues? Thanks in advance.

hciconfig hci0 up
[74748.505606] bluetooth hci0: Direct firmware load for qca/rampatch_usb_00000302.bin failed with error -2
[74748.515128] Bluetooth: hci0: failed to request rampatch file: qca/rampatch_usb_00000302.bin (-2)
Can't init device hci0: Input/output error (5)

Oops. Yes. The firmware was missing. Now it works. Thanks!

Have you tried putting that firmware on the module?